Technology and Design is one of the various practical subjects available to study in Aquinas. It is a subject that is studied in junior school and can be carried through all the way to A-level.

One of the main things you do in technology is make products; ranging from key rings and phone holders in junior school, to your own design of a chosen item in GCSEs and A-levels. In order to be able to make these products, one must also learn the theory taught in technology.
A major element of theory taught in technology is that of materials, this forms a fundamental part of knowledge that can aid your ability to choose the best materials in making a product in school or even in a possible future career. The materials of woods, plastics and metals are studied throughout the school life, with it being gradually introduced within the first three years and studied in more detail in senior school.
Senior school technology also has more in depth learning of other aspects of technology, such as: electronics, pneumatics and product design and manufacture.

Aquinas is great for technology as it has two workshops with a variety of machines such as pillar drills, polishers, a laser cutter, a 3D printer and more. This allows for more manufacturing processes to be taught and used and provides a little more freedom to create your own desired designs.
Aquinas also has some great technology teachers with knowledge and experience of the subject, preparing students to do their best in their exams and future outside of school.

I enjoy studying technology because I like designing and making things, making this a perfect subject for others who like this too. I also like that this subject allows for a combination of different subjects in which it involves a bit of art, maths and IT and allows for you to be engaged in so many different ways in class.

– Samantha Guimaraes, Year 13


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