Teachers:Teachers are angels in disguise

Mrs N Hampsey – HOD                     

Mrs P Mc Anulty

Mrs E Niblock

Rev C Grant



Year 8 -10 pupils follow the Fully Alive Programme. 

Topics in Year 8:Aquinas Crest

Our School badge

The Aquinas Chaplaincy   

The Bible

The World, Life and Ministry of Jesus


 Topics in Year 9.Judaism Wall Display

Creation and Environment

The Reformation and Christianity today: Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches


The World of Judaism

The Orthodox Church and Icon making.

 Topics in Year 10.                                                          The Sanctity of Human Life           

Sanctity of life

The Muslim faith and practice

Justice In Action

In the final term of year 10, Mark’s gospel is introduced to our students as a skill building exercise to prepare them for GCSE.


At KS4 Religious Studies is a compulsory subject.  All students follow the AQA specification.

Year 11 – St Mark’s Gospel (Unit 5)AQA

Year 12 – Roman Catholicism: Ethics (Unit 4)

Each student will sit one module at the end of year 11 and another at the end of year 12.  Each module is worth 50%.  There is no coursework or controlled assessment in Religious Studies.


Religious Studies is also offered at AS and A2 level.  The areas of study are:

Old Testament Prophecy                                 CCEA Rewarding Learning

Ethics In Society

Students will sit an examination on each module at the end of year 13 and again in year 14.

All students in Years 13 and 14 follow a modular non exam Religious Drugs KillEducation programme.  Examples of some of the topics covered within this programme include:

Drug Awareness

Sexual HealthIf you keep drinking, you'll keep sinking


It’s not What You Do but the Way That You Do It!


AlchoholAmish Woman

The Amish Life