Politics is one of the many subjects that Aquinas offers as an option at A-level.

Following the CCEA NI specification students in the first year will learn about the government of the general UK and specifically Northern Ireland.
Within the first few weeks, you gain a rudimentary understanding of Political processes and structures, learning about the establishment and history of the two political arenas i.e Westminster and Stormont, including a trip to the seat off Northern Irish Government in Stormont. After a basic understanding is achieved, you will then use your initial knowledge of the structures of government to draw a conclusion on their effectiveness and legitimacy.

Due to the nature of the course at A2, your first-year knowledge of processes and structures go a long way in helping you at A2. With part of the A2 course being a comparison of US and UK governance, a lot of the knowledge and certainly understanding involved in the AS course will be called upon, making the second year even more enjoyable.

I enjoy Politics as it gives me the knowledge needed to become a visible part of my local community and make a positive change.
Choosing this subject at A-level has also given me the understanding needed to get involved in local groups such as “Youth in
Government”. Two others and myself were directed by the Politics department in Aquinas to apply to the “Youth In Government” and it
resulted in us making speeches in Stormont and being brought to London for a guided tour around Westminster an experience that I won’t forget.

– Sean Small, Year 14