Anti-Bullying Policy 2018

Attendance Policy 2018

Bring Your Own Device 2018

Child Protection Policy 2018

Code of conduct 2018

Drugs Policy 2018

Educational Visits Policy

e-safety policy 2018

GDPR Documentation

Health and Safety Policy 2018

Pastoral Care Policy 2018

Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy 2018

RSE Policy 2018

A guide to managing critical incidents in schools


The following policy documents are available from the school office:

Assessment Policy

CEIAG Policy

Child Protection Policy

CLT Structure Policy

Code of Conduct for Games Policy

Curriculum Policy

Dealing with Critical Incident Policy

Gifted and Talented Policy

Homework Policy

ICT Policy

Learning and Teaching Policy

Literacy Policy

Marking Policy

Numeracy Policy

Pastoral Care Policy

Privacy Notice SFA Policy

Promoting Positive Behaviour Policy

Pupil Induction Policy

Role of the Chaplain Policy

Sanctions Policy

Smoking Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Staff Development Policy

Uniform Regulations Policy

Using Mathematics Policy

Work Experience Policy