On Tuesday 24th February Mrs Cullen organised and hosted a visit to the library by award-winning Irish storyteller , Niall de Burca. He was here to do a workshop on World War One for the Year 9’s who are about to study it as part of their History course.

In his own unique and completely mesmerizing style, he treated us to vivid depictions of scenes from the war. We could clearly visualise the scene at the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the mayhem and sheer carnage of the slaughter at Gallipoli and Passchendaele. Through Niall’s powerful descriptions, we came to a much deeper understanding of how this war not only touched the lives of so many people all over the world, but also sowed the seeds for the Second World War which followed.

What the pupils thought…..

“On Tuesday morning we had an amazing talk about World War One. It was so inspiring. Niall de Burca was a lovely charismatic man who knew a lot of information about the war. It was clear it was well researched and it was very entertaining. I wasn’t bored once. I even went home and researched the war. I was hooked!”  – Aimée Mc Cleave, Year 9

“The World War One talk was very good. I thought that Niall de Burca was outstanding and his presentation of the talk was fantastic. He made the talk very realistic and  it was as if the things he was describing were happening just as he was talking!” – Euan Neeson, Year 9

“I really enjoyed the stories Niall de Burca told us. They showed us that the soldiers were people with family too. It was informative, not boring and it was delivered really well and in a funny way. I think I know much more about the war now and Niall de Burca was really good.” -Ellie Mc Alinden,  Year 9

“We had a talk with a man called Niall de Burca and had an enjoyable time. He fused history with humour (something that rarely happens) to teach us about the cruelty and starvation of the First World War. I enjoyed it very much and I would love to see it again!” -Nathan Delaunay, Year 9