Aquinas Trail Question

What is the title of the multi award-winning animated sequence by Shayna, on display in the Moving Image Arts Department?

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Moving Image Arts is an exciting and interesting introduction to the thrilling world of film making.
A GCSE and A Level subject, MIA allows students to take full control of their course and create a film fully their own.

GCSE year one is a fun year of four projects that present students with chances to familiarise themselves with the basic knowledge and skills they’ll need along their film making journey. They’ll learn how to create sounds, correctly use camera equipment, use industry level editing software and stop-motion animate.
GCSE year two and A Level MIA are similar processes as students plan and create their own short film, one-minute films at GCSE and over five-minute films at AS. This allows pupils to put all their previously learnt skills into action in a fun and exciting way.

Films are entered into CCEA’s film showcase where the top films of each year group are selected to be played on NI’s largest cinema screen in a great day trip for all students involved. Students also receive prizes and are given great networking opportunities.

I love Moving Images Arts as it is one of a kind and one of the only subjects that gives pupils such creative freedom with no limits. It teaches pupils great transferable skills and accurate knowledge of the booming film industry, opening up possible career paths.

– Hannah Loughran, Year 13