“Hi, I’m Róisín and I am studying ICT, history and politics for A Level. Next year I’ve applied to do International Relations and History in either London or Glasgow. Although my course doesn’t relate specifically to ICT I think that the skills I have learnt through studying it at school will be really useful in future and especially throughout university.”     

“Hi, my name’s Maeve and I’m one of the ICT prefects at Aquinas. At the moment I’m studying Spanish and business studies along with ICT for my A levels. The skills I have learnt whilst studying this subject will be very helpful when I go to university next year either at University of Ulster or at Queens, all of which involve computing or ICT. ”

“Hi I’m Eve; I am currently studying ICT, Business Studies and Home Economics and have applied to study Psychology in both Coleraine and Queen’s.  ICT has helped me significantly in school-life and has provided me with the necessary skills to excel at university level.”