A Level ICT encourages students to:

  • develop an understanding of the main principles of solving problems using ICT;
  • develop an understanding of the range of ICT applications and the effects of their use;
  • take account of rapid technological changes and the growth of scientific knowledge and understanding;
  • develop awareness of the management of resources to meet an identified human need in a diverse and ever-changing society
  • develop an understanding of the organisation of computer systems including software, data, hardware, communications and people;
  • acquire the skills necessary to apply this understanding to developing computer-based solutions to problems.

There are four units in the assessment of this subject; the percentage weightings for each are given below:

Module Title % Method of Assessment
AS 1 Components of ICT 25 External Exam
AS 2 Developing ICT Solutions 25 Internally assessed coursework
A2 1 Information Systems 25 External Exam
A2 2 Approaches to Systems Development 25 Internally assessed coursework

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Examination Date – January 2012

AS ICT Exam      Monday 16th of January 2012  1.30 pm


Examination Dates – Summer 2012

AS ICT Exam      Tuesday 29th of May 2012  9.30 am

A2 ICT Exam      Friday 25th of May 2012  9.30 am