Key Stage 3 History

 Year 8

In the first term the pupils study and investigate What is History? as an introductory topic. This is completed with a source-based investigation about The Tollund Man.

Next, Year 8 pupils study:

  • The Norman Invasion and Conquest of England
  • The Anglo-Normans in Ireland
  • Norman Life- Feudalism, Castles, Religion, Women, Health and the Norman Legacy

The Anglo-Norman Outreach Programme (Armagh) make a visit to the school for workshops.

Year 9

Year 9 pupils begin with an overview of 1500-1750 “A Changing World”.

They learn briefly about the Renaissance.

This is followed by:

  • Anglo-Spanish Rivalry and Conflict/The Armada
  • The Plantations in Ireland, particularly in Ulster
  • Crown and Parliament/ Civil War
  • Cromwell and Ireland
  • The Williamite Wars


Year 10

  • The pupils study The Black Peoples of America from Slavery to Civil Rights, focusing on the role of people such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King and on the impact of events such as the Civil War and World Wars.
  • They also study The Short and Long-term Consequences of the Partition of Ireland, analysing perceptions and views of the past, the impact of events such as Bloody Sunday, the roles of people/politicians and the role of organisations such as the Civil Rights Movement. They study the attempts to find solutions and a peaceful end to conflict.