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What is the first name of the talented sixteenth century Italian artist who many claim was an all-round genius?

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AS and A Level  GCSE  

Key Stage 3

About History

History is concerned with the investigation of the past and its impact on our world today. It challenges the student to understand and appreciate different perspectives and interpretations; cause and effect; continuity and change and progression and regression. The study of History allows the pupil to develop enquiry skills; the critical thinking skills needed to evaluate a range of evidence and appreciate different interpretations and the creative thinking skills needed to approach solving problems and making decisions. It develops their chronological awareness and their ability to make connections between periods, events and turning points. It encourages the student to challenge stereotypical and distorted viewpoints with informed, objective and balanced responses.

It is a subject which is important in terms of knowledge and content, but is also of the greatest importance in terms of the development of skills and capabilities.

The History Department of Aquinas Grammar School wishes to ensure that every pupil feels valued and fulfilled, confident in their own abilities and sure of a positive response when they seek help and take risks in pursuit of their own learning.