Why Study Geography?

Geography concerns itself with many important current issues that affect the world today.  Issues that regularly appear in the News such as a natural disaster, a famine, a pollution or weather event are explained in this subject and gives pupils an understanding of our increasingly complex world.

Fieldwork Residential and Controlled Assessment

Fieldwork is an important part of this GCSE and for that reason we take the class on residential fieldwork early in Year 12.  In 2010, the class spent three days in the Gortatole Outdoor Centre in Fermanagh and examined many issues such as the local river and cave systems.  The residential also includes some Outdoor Pursuits activities.

Students then write a 2000 word report based on their findings and this is done back in school under controlled assessment conditions.  The report is worth 25% of the marks for the subject.

What will I study?

Year 11, Paper 1, examined in May/June of Year 11


The main topics are:

  • Dynamic landscape (rivers and coasts)
  • Our Changing Weather and Climate and
  • The Restless Earth (earthquakes)

Year 12, Paper 2, examined in May/June of Year 12


The main topics are:

  • People and where they Live (population and settlement)
  • Contrasts in World Development
  • Managing our Resources (sustainable solutions)

Career Implications/Possibilities for Further and Higher Education

A common question of those who are studying geography is, “What are you going to do with a Geography qualification?” There are actually many options and potential careers for people who have studied Geography. The subject teaches students a wide-range of useful skills for the marketplace. Employers value the wide-ranging computer, research, and analytical skills that Geography students bring to work as employees.

However, there are many positions that fit well with a qualification in Geography.  Here are a few:

  • Urban Planner/Community Development
  • Environmental Management
  • Surveying
  • Writer/Researcher
  • Cartographer (map maker)
  • Architecture
  • GIS Specialist (similar to Google Earth, with data!)
  • Engineer
  • Transportation management
  • Climatologist (someone who studies weather)