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Name the French Landmark pictured beside the whiteboard.

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French is one of the three languages available to learn and study in Aquinas, the others being Spanish and Irish.

Students will learn vocabulary as well as some basic grammatical rules and tenses in junior school; as well as how to understand, read, speak in and write basic French.
At GCSE level, students will learn an even wider range of vocabulary, tenses, and grammatical rules.
Finally at A Level, Aquinas teaches students about French literature, the subjunctive mood and coaches them how to speak fluently and accurately in French in a conversation.

Aquinas offers excellent teaching staff for its French students, including teachers who are native French speakers and can prepare students for oral exams with extreme competence. The interesting debates and conversations regarding French literature also make A-Level French an excellent choice for students interested in English as it is engaging and develops analytical language skills.

I enjoy French because of the sense of achievement you receive from being able to master a new tense or string a complex sentence together, and the utility of being able to speak another language.


GCSE Specification

A Level Specification