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The aims of the English Department are synonymous with the school’s overall aims and are refined in our objectives and schemes of work.

Through the study of English from years eight to fourteen, pupils are provided with:

  1. opportunities to engage with spiritual and moral issues;
  2. an exploration of attitudes of individuals and society as a whole and socially-accepted codes of behaviour;
  3. the development of skills in reading and viewing, writing and presenting, talking and listening- the interlocked modes of communications which are transferred across the curriculum through the school’s communication policy, thus allowing pupils to achieve their academic potential, and skills which  will prepare pupils for their personal, Social and work-related roles in the twenty-first century.
  4. Concepts of identity and self worth and the valuing of others; concepts which lie at the centre of the school’s pastoral care system
  5. pleasure derived from developing as confident, independent and reflective readers of a range of literary and non-literary texts.
  6. versatility in being able to use speech as a means of expressions in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes.
  7. mastery of writing and presenting in all its forms and media, and for any purpose.

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