Drama is one of the many arts subjects available at Aquinas which has state of the art facilities such as the Drama Lecture Theatre (DLT) with working stage lights and a green room containing many props.

During drama lessons in junior school, you are introduced to the basic key skills you need to understand and put on your own plays. You are taught these skills mainly through fun and exiting games that gets the whole class involved. At GCSE level drama, you are able to explore many different types of drama such as Brecht, naturalistic, absurdist etc. You are also able to preform your own devised piece in groups as part of your practical along with a play of your classes choice as well as a set play that your written exam will be based on. At A-level, your course is the same as GCSE except you must perform a play chosen by your group but change up to 75% of the script to make it more personal.

Aquinas is great for studying drama because as I said we have great facilities which will allow you to be free and perform in anyway you want to. We also have numerous props that have been donated throughout the years along with excellent teaching staff and a variety of after school activities available such as drama club and music theatre club. There is also a chance every two years for pupils to audition for the school play/musical which is a great chance for everyone to get involved and explore their individual drama talents by working together for one big performance.

I enjoy studying drama in Aquinas because it is the only subject I study that allows me to get as creative as possible and really let me be myself. I always feel open to do something different in Drama and really express myself through whatever task I may be doing. Although some of the work may be quite heavy, especially for performance, I always feel a great achievement when I’ve finished them because I know all my effort has paid off.

– Grace Cunningham, Year 13