Below are a couple of links to help you with revision and homework tasks:

BBC Bitesize GCSE Science Revision
It’s always time for a bit of Chemistry revision! What you want is the core science links or use the search to find what you are looking for.

Doc Brown’s Chemistry Clinic
General help and revision site for Key Stage 3, GCSE, A Level Chemistry, with notes, multiple choice tests and structured questions. The site is a bit busy but it will have all the info you need.

Revision Centre
Revision for GCSE Chemistry and other subjects. Good brief summaries of topics.

Revision World
Free revision materials written by a team of teachers for GCSE and A Level. Not just Chemistry – lots of other subjects, too. Registration (free) needed to access the materials.

S-Cool for GCSE Chemistry
Superb Revision notes and short tests for GCSE Chemistry. This site is probably the easiest site to use for revision.

Check back regularly for updates…