We complete the CCEA GCE Revised Chemistry syllabus and this specification will encourage students to:

  • develop their interest in and enthusiasm for chemistry (including an interest in further study and/or chemistry-related careers);

  • appreciate how society makes decisions about scientific issues and how the sciences contribute to the success of the economy and society;

  • develop and demonstrate a deeper appreciation of the skills, knowledge and understanding of how science works; and

  • develop essential knowledge and understanding of different areas of chemistry and how they relate to each other.

GCE Chemistry is comprised of two levels: AS and A2. The AS can be taken as a ‘stand-alone’ qualification without progression to A2. However, to obtain the Advanced GCE qualification, students must complete both the AS and A2 levels.

The specification has a modular structure and students are required to study three modules at each level. The modules are listed below and are all compulsory:

AS Level

  • AS 1: Basic Concepts in Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

  • AS 2: Further Physical and Inorganic Chemistry and Introduction to Organic Chemistry

  • AS 3: Internal Assessment

A2 Level

  • A2 1: Periodic Trends and Further Organic, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry

  • A2 2: Analytical, Transition Metals, Electrochemistry and Further Organic Chemistry

  • A2 3: Internal Assessment

More details of the content can be found here or click the link to download the AS/A2 Specification: