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My time at Auschwitz-Birkenau

On my trip with the Holocaust Educational Trust and the lessons from Auschwitz programme, we visited Poland to experience the... read more



On Tuesday 24 February Aquinas hosted the Anglo-Norman Outreach Programme based at the Navan Centre in Armagh. Our Year 8... read more


History student wins Oxford essay prize!

AS History student Rose Lynch, recently achieved a very impressive third place in the St. Hilda’s, Oxford essay competition. Her... read more

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History Revision Lists: Summer 2012

YEAR 8 HISTORY REVISION LIST: JUNE 2012   SECTION ONE: THE NORMAN CONQUEST   Label and explain the key parts... read more

History | Revision

Yr 9 History revision list 2012

Year 9 History Revision List   Section A   You need the Martin Luther booklet and the Counter-Reformation handout or... read more

History | Revision

Yr12 History revision advice January 2012

  Year 12 History Exam Revision Advice   This paper is 1hr 15mins It is two sections. Answer all the... read more

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Yr 10 History Revision advice January 2012

Year 10 revision list   January exams 2012   The paper is divided into three sections. At the start of... read more

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Year 8 History Revision

Year 8 Revision List History Summer 2011 Norman Conquest  You will need an understanding of each of the following: Domesday... read more

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Year 10 History Revision

Year 10 Summer Exams History Revision Information Section A: African Peoples of America: overview. –         Do not leave any blanks.... read more

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Year 9 History Revision

Year 9  Summer Exams History Revision Section A: Plantation of Ulster Be aware of the counties of Ulster. Be able... read more