Advanced Level:

The GCE Advanced Level Business Studies specification has been designed to provide candidates with a critical understanding of the following:

  • The internal functions of contemporary business organisations of all types.
  • The dynamic external environment within which businesses operate and the effects this can have upon decision-making within a business.
  • Major topical issues that can generate change for business organisations and the ways in which businesses respond to these issues.
  • The range of stakeholder perspectives that can be taken on business activities. It encourages candidates to acquire a range of important and transferable skills: • Data skills – candidates will be expected to manipulate data in a variety of forms and to interpret their results.
  • Presenting arguments and making judgements and justified recommendations on the basis of the available evidence.
  • Recognising the nature of problems, solving problems and making decisions using appropriate business tools and methods.
  • Planning work, taking into account the demands of the task and the time available to complete it.
  • Conducting research into a specific theme in preparation for one or more tasks. • Challenging their own assumptions using evidence that has become available.

Teaching Methods: Case Studies  Discussion/Debate  Whole Class Work  Guest Speakers  Use of ICT  Business Magazines/Newspapers  Role Play  Investigation/Research  Group Work  Industrial Visits  DVD/Videos  Mini-

Enterprise AS Examinations:

Unit 1 – Planning and Financing a Business

Unit 2 – Managing a Business 40% of AS, 20% of A Level 60% of AS, 30% of A Level 1 hour 15 minutes examination 1 hour 30 minutes examination 60 marks 80 marks Short answer questions and extended responses based on a mini case study. Compulsory, multi-part data response questions. Examined in January of Year 13 Examined in June of Year 13 A2 Examinations: Unit 3 – Strategies For Success Unit 4 – The Business Environment and Managing Change 25% of A Level 25% of A Level 1 hour 45 minutes examination 1 hour 45 minutes examination 80 marks 80 marks Questions requiring extended answers based on an unseen case study drawing upon knowledge from AS units Pre release research tasks leading to the first section of a two section examination. Second section will consist of choice of essays. All questions will be essay style and synoptic therefore drawing upon knowledge from all four units. Examined in January of Year 14 Examined in June of Year 14 Career Opportunities: Business Studies can be continued to third level education. It can be combined with a wide range of other subjects, e.g. Modern Languages, Engineering, ICT, Marketing etc. From a careers perspective it can lead to Business Accountancy, Retailing, Banking and Finance and various administrative posts in the public and private sectors. For those interested in entering the commercial world either as part of an established firm or independently i.e. setting up a business, Business Studies is a very useful course component at any stage.


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