Your health and well-being is important to your employer. So, as an employee of Aquinas Grammar School, your benefits package includes membership to the Benenden Healthcare Society – giving you access to a range of discretionary healthcare and information services.

What your Benenden Healthcare membership includes:

v       Access to a range of discretionary services like:

ü        Help with getting a prompt diagnosis^

ü        Prompt treatment from qualified physiotherapists at one of over 450 partner clinics^

ü        Prompt treatment at one of our approved hospitals nationwide^

ü        24/7 GP Advice line

ü        24/7 Counselling helpline

ü        Financial help towards counselling and psychology costs^

ü        Long term care advice

ü        Health Concern Advice Line

ü        Financial help if you’re living with cancer or TB^


v       Take advantage of a great range of exclusive member benefits – To make your Benenden Healthcare membership even more rewarding, Members and nominated friends and family can access a hand-picked selection of fantastic money-saving offers. Visit the Member’s area now to find out more.


v       Receive the award-winning Benhealth magazine – To help members live a healthier lifestyle, the society sends out the ‘Benhealth Magazine’, a healthy living magazine exclusively for members.


v       Download the’Benenden Health Hub’ Iphone App–Stay informed and take control of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing bydownloading the’Benenden Health Hub’which is free of charge and is available to anyone with an iPhone. Visit the Apple app store from your Iphone to download your Benenden Health Hub Iphone app.

How to use theservice:

Remember, as a mutual, not-for-profit Society, Benenden Healthcare is able to put you at the heart of everything they do and we will always try to help. Last year, they said YES to 92% of those who asked for help. All the Society asks is that you use your judgement when you choose to ask for their help, and in turn they’ll use theirs about what help they can offer, by taking into account an individual member’s need and the Society resources available. That’s why they call their service discretionary. There are some services that they cannot provide, please visit the website for more information.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Ask your GP about what help is available on the NHS and how long the wait time is.

Step 2: If after exploring these options you feel that you need the Society’s help, find out from your GP exactly what kind of assistance, treatment or advice you need.

Step 3: Call 0845 052 5701* quoting your membership number and one of their friendly advisers will talk you through the options available to you through Benenden Healthcare.

Share the benefits with family and friends

You can add family and friends to your membership for just £6.50 per person per month. There are no restrictions on how many people you can add – and the Society doesn’t even need to know their medical history. To find out more, call today on 0845 270 5733*

From 1st January 2013 membership will incur a small price increase to £7.80 per person, per month.

Useful numbers

Membership Enquiries: 0845 052 5701*

24-hour GP Advice Line: 0845 050 5247*

24-hour Counselling Helpline: 0845 050 5247*

Add Family or Friends: 0845 270 5733*


Joining the Society

By agreeing to join the Society, you are agreeing to:

  • Uphold the mutual values and ethos of Benenden Healthcare
  • Keep to the rules of the Society (available at
  • Transfer, to the Benenden Charitable Trust, any windfall payment should the Society cease to be a mutual organisation at any time in the future.


As this is important information, please ensure that you read the additional details you will find within your new member pack when you receive it.


^ these services have a six month qualifying period



* Calls cost a maximum of 4p per minute for BT customers. The price of calls from non-BT lines will vary. Calls may be recorded. Benenden Healthcare membership is available to anyone over the age of 16 who is normally resident in the UK. Members can add family and friends to their membership regardless of age. Some services have a six month qualifying period.  The Benenden Healthcare Society Limited is an incorporated friendly society, registered under The Friendly Societies Act 1992, registered number 480F.  The Society’s contractual business (the provision of tuberculosis benefit) is authorised by the FSA.  The remainder of The Society’s business is undertaken on a discretionary basis.  The Society is subject to FSA requirement for prudential management.  Registered Office: The Benenden Healthcare Society Limited, Holgate Park Drive, York, YO26 4GG.