Art and Design focuses on combining technical skill and creativity to create individual works of art.

Within Art and Design, we explore artist’s styles and techniques, the mediums (or materials) we use and using evaluative skills to comment on and improve our own work.

Junior school art within the school encompasses a wide variety of mediums and techniques and encourages each student to try new and exciting ways of using materials, such as felting or silk screen printing.

GCSE and A-level lets you explore these techniques further while trying completely new and strange ones, all based around your own ideas or interpretations. Experimentation and evaluation within your work are vital to the subject and help you to improve, not only artistically but holistically as you gain vital transferable skills.
The Aquinas Art Department is fully equipped and suited to a large amount of experimentation from wax pots for Batik to our kiln for clay works and glazes.

I personally enjoy the subject so much as you are given the freedom to explore and develop your skills individually while still learning how to improve technically and having strong support from the teachers.
Art in Aquinas to me embodies the school ethos to the fullest and is so enjoyable to be a part of. Everyone in class works together to help improve each other and inspire each other to reach personal targets and goals.

Art is all about making mistakes and learning about them and as your work builds up, it’s really satisfying to see how you improve over time.

– Ciara Cormican, Year 13