Date of Assessments

Title of Assessment

English Either 17th -22nd October 2011 post mid term depends on arrangement for Halloween that Year Unit 3- The study of Linked Texts (a) Shakespeare Unit 3- The study of linked texts (b) Prose
January internal Examination 
French 3 controlled assessments.1/2 during Autumn term.
1/2 during spring term. 1 writing 1 speaking 
Spanish Currently doing Stage 1 –. Teaching topic, My local area
Stage 2 – starting 6/7th October, completed before Halloween
Before Christmas – Writing Task – comparative
Before Mid-term 2012 – 1 speaking (health)
Before Easter 2012 – 1 speaking (school) 
Irish Speaking Oct 2011
Writing end of Feb 2012
Speaking End March 2012 
Music Work on controlled assessment in class every Thurs 9&10 2 compositions
due April 2012  2 performances
H.E Nov-Research cookery practical (groups of 5) )  1 written to be done Nov- Jan
1 cooking practical between Jan and March
Technology & Design 30 hours will begin in Oct – May ‘12  Controlled assessment 2
Design project – 40%
Art Between Hallowe’en and Christmas  Final piece for their coursework portfolio (15% of their entire GCSE) 
ICT Unit 2 Task 1 Sep – mid Nov                  Web Design 11 hours  
Unit 2 Task 2 Dec – midterm Feb  Games Technology 11.5 hours 
Preparation for tasks is taught in every class from now Feb 
PE Sept – Dec (controlled assessment) 12 week Lifestyle Circuit. Final assessment Jan – Feb. Moderation (CCEA) April 
History (Oct and Nov) Teaching and write- ups. 
Chemistry October /November 2011  Coursework: Titration 
Double Award- Chemistry October /November 2011 Coursework: Titration 
Physics Finishing coursework September 2011 Coursework: Resistance
Double Award- Physics


Coursework: Resistance
Biology Completed by end of October 2011. Coursework: Osmosis
Double Award- Biology September – October 2011 Coursework: Osmosis
Business Studies After Halloween (Nov – Feb) 12 hours of research 3 hours to write up in controlled assessment
Geography Field Study completed. Fieldwork write up of River Cladagh Investigation
Write up under controlled environment in class with laptops (Sept – Nov)
Maths, R.E No controlled assessment