There are 2 revision sessions during the day for Year 13 AS students.

Session A: 9am-12am  Session B: 12.30am-3.30pm  

AS Date Exam(s) Revision
Thursday 10/05/2012
Friday 11/05/2012 Biology A, Bus Studies B
Saturday 12/05/2012
Sunday 13/05/2012
Monday 14/05/2012 Biology (am) Bus Studies (pm) C1 B
Tuesday 15/05/2012 Media Studies(pm) M1 A, Sociology B
Wednesday 16/05/2012 C1 Maths and M1 Maths (am)
Thursday 17/05/2012 Sociology (am) Bus Studies A
Friday 18/05/2012 Drama A Biology A
Saturday 19/05/2012
Sunday 20/05/2012
Monday 21/05/2012 Bus Studies (am) Drama (am) Biology (pm)
Tuesday 22/05/2012 Psychology A, C2 B
Wednesday 23/05/2012 Psychology (am)
Thursday 24/05/2012 C2 Maths (am) Sociology B
Friday 25/05/2012 Sociology (pm) HE A
Saturday 26/05/2012
Sunday 27/05/2012
Monday 28/05/2012 Home Economics (pm) ICT A, Psychology B
Tuesday 29/05/2012 ICT (am) Psychology (pm) Irish A
Wednesday 30/05/2012 Irish (am) Religious Studies A, M2 B, PE B
Thursday 31/05/2012 Religious Studies (am) M2 Maths (am) PE (am) FP1 B
Friday 01/06/2012 FP1 Maths (am) History A Spanish B, HE B
Saturday 02/06/2012
Sunday 03/06/2012
Monday 04/06/2012
Tuesday 05/06/2012
Wednesday 06/06/2012 History (pm)
Thursday 07/06/2012 Spanish (am) Home Economics (am) Music B
Friday 08/06/2012 Music (am) Music (pm) Politics A Physics B History B
Saturday 09/06/2012
Sunday 10/06/2012
Monday 11/06/2012 Politics (am) Physics (pm)
Tuesday 12/06/2012 History (am) Economics (pm) Chemistry A Geog B T&D B
Wednesday 13/06/2012 Chemistry (am) Geography (pm) T&D (pm) Politics B
Thursday 14/06/2012 Politics (am) German
Friday 15/06/2012 German (pm) Physics A Religious Studies B
Saturday 16/06/2012
Sunday 17/06/2012
Monday 18/06/2012 Physics (am) Religious Studies (pm) French A Geog B Chemistry B
Tuesday 19/06/2012 French (am) Geography (am) Chemistry (pm) Ehglish Lit B
Wednesday 20/06/2012 Economics (am) English Lit (am)
Thursday 21/06/2012
Friday 22/06/2012
Saturday 23/06/2012
Sunday 24/06/2012
Monday 25/06/2012