I am delighted to start book clubs again. Please come and see me to get parental permission to stay after school.

Year 11,12,13 and 14 book clubs can be run on demand. Please come and see me.

These are he dates for Junior School:


Year 8 Book Club

Tues 5thOctober

Tues 9th November

Tues 14th December

Tues 18th January

Tues 22nd February

Tues 22th March

Tues 26th April

Tues 21st June


Year 9 Book Club

Wed 6th October

Wed 10th October

Wed 15th November

Wed 19th December

Wed 23rd January

Wed 23rd March

Wed 27th May Wed 22nd June


Year 10 Book Club

Thurs 7th October

Thurs 11th October

Thurs 16th November   

Thurs 20th December

Thurs 24th January

Thurs 24th March

Thurs 28th May

Thurs 23rd June


Looking forward to seeing you

Mrs Morroi