Dear Parents

I wish to extend a welcome to all students and parents as we begin our new school year. I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer break and is refreshed for the start of term. We will begin the year with our induction days as below when we will work with our students to help them cope with the various processes we will be implementing to maintain as safe an environment as possible.

Years 12 and 14 return on Wednesday 25th from 9.15 until 12.30

Years 11 and 13 return on Thursday 26th from 9.15 until 12.30

Years 9 and 10 return on Friday 27th from 9.15 until 12.30

Our starting Y8 will start on Tuesday 31st from 9.15 until 3.30

Full return for all students and commencement of classes will be Wednesday 1st September at 9.15


It is really important that we all work to support each other in maintaining the very best hygiene possible. We need everyone continues to continue to:

  •  practise social distancing as much as humanly possible;
  • wash their hands thoroughly throughout the day;
  • make regular use of the hand sanitising stations throughout the school;
  • ‘catch it, kill it, bin it’ when they sneeze or cough
  • wear mask when entering the building and moving between classes.
  • wear masks during class. Pupils will be informed if this changes.

Pupils must have all their equipment with them as it is not permissible to share with others. Pupils may, if they so wish, bring their own small sanitiser / wipes with them. Pupil movements will, where possible, be via one way systems to maintain social distancing.

Pupils will be permitted to wear their school PE kit on the days they have timetabled PE. This will avoid the need to change. Please note that non-school PE kit will not be permitted.

Can I use this opportunity to seek your support in helping maintain the generally high standard of uniform and appearance of our students? You will have received communication from Mr Evans in this regard via the Parental App.

The school day



After school activities will be taking place and pupils will be informed as term progresses. Only pupils involved in after school activities may stay on after 3.30 as we must know where everyone is to maintain contact tracing.

Those pupils travelling on public transport must comply with the requirement to wear a mask when travelling.

Parents must not enter the school building unless they have a pre-arranged appointment, and they should wear a mask.


School will be open from 8.50am. No entry will be allowed before then.

KS3 will enter by the front door.

KS4 will enter via the door between S02 and S03.

KS5 will enter via the door between Music and HE.

We will have a staggered finish to the day: KS3 at 3.25pm, KS4 and KS5 at 3.30pm.


The following additional measures have been introduced:

  • Social distances markers and signage will be placed at relevant points to ensure distances between staff and pupils.
  • Where possible and practical a ‘one-way’ system will be implemented throughout the school, which must be followed to ensure social distancing.
Hand washing & Toilet Facilities


  • Soap and fresh water will always be made available and kept topped up.
  • Paper hand towels are provided in each toilet facility.
  • Hand sanitiser will also be provided throughout the school and staff and pupils are encouraged to use them regularly.

The following control measures have been implemented in the toilet and hand washing areas:

  • Restrictions on the number of persons using the toilet facilities at any one time, to ensure social distancing, will be maintained.
  • All personnel must wash hands after using the facilities.
  • Enhanced cleaning regimes have been introduced for toilet facilities to ensure that the area is cleaned.
Canteen Arrangements


The school canteen will be operational

  • The canteen area will be set up as normal in the Mall each day with tables and signage designated to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • Hand-sanitising stations have been placed at each entrance to the serving area.
  • Screens have been fitted at tills and the current bio-metric / PIN system for payment will continue to operate with enhanced sanitisation measures.
  • All food will be served in line with current guidance to schools i.e. disposable crockery / cutlery.
  • Tables and chairs will be cleaned down after use with anti-bacterial cleaning products.
  • We continue to encourage parents to use the Ipay Impact system to top up their children’s accounts from home. Any parent who needs to register should contact the school office.
  • There will be no communal water stations available. We encourage pupils to bring their own water. We will operate three lunch times to maintain good social distancing.
Classroom Safety Procedures


The following control measures have been implemented within each classroom as far as is reasonably practicable:

  • Classrooms will be set up to accommodate social distancing for pupils where practical and 2m social distancing for teachers;
  • All pupils will face forward at all times;
  • Rooms should be adequately ventilated by opening windows and doors;
  • Pupils will be requested to wipe down their desks at the end of the class as pupils will move from room to room enabling practical classes to take place;
  • Pupils will be encouraged to carry the bare minimum of books with them to and from school each day;
  • When providing one-to-one assistance for SEN or vulnerable pupils, adult to adult social distancing should be maintained at all times. However, where staff consistently remain with a pupil or a class, they should likewise be viewed as part of the group and social distancing between those adults and children can be relaxed.
  • Enhanced cleaning of all areas of the school will be performed by school cleaners at the end of each day.

Lateral Flow tests are available for everybody as required. Anyone with symptoms (even if they have had a negative LFD test result) should still self-isolate immediately according to PHA guidelines. You will be aware that advice is constantly changing. We encourage all families to listen to Public Health advice and we hope that the impact of COVID19 on learning and school attendance is much reduced from last year.

Thank you for your continuing support over this most difficult time for everyone. We hope that ‘normality’ in school may be achieved in the near future. We look forward to our students having an enjoyable and successful year ahead.

Yours sincerely

Mr Barry Kelly



Original letter can be downloaded here