Dear Parent / Guardian / Student

As we begin a new school year, it is an appropriate time to remind everyone of the support structures in place to help any student in need as we will not be able to have ‘normal’ induction evenings in the current restricted environment.

This year will be different, we are going to the position of moving classes from room to room while maintaining bubbles as much as possible. It may feel strange but we hope it will be a more enjoyable experience actually doing practical work in Science, Art, Technology etc. For some this practical activity will be a new experience and will bring a different perspective on some subjects.

Talk to your classmates, friends, teachers and family about any concerns. It is better to express them than let small worries grow.

The main structure in school to help you is fundamentally your Tutor. They meet you each day. Each tutor is supported by a Year Head who works with a member of the school leadership team. These people will deal with all issues both academic and pastoral.

Behind this group are specialists who will provide support as mental health first aiders, School Counsellor and Child protection issues. Any pupil can speak to a mental health first aider at any time. They are easily spotted with their distinctive –GREEN Mental Health lanyards.

A pupil may self-refer or a parent may request a referral to the school counsellor who is from Family Works. This can be done by completing a form beside the referral box at reception or by phoning a Year Head or Vice Principal Mr Evans. These will be prioritised by Mr Evans our Head of Pastoral Care.

Any child protection concern should be reported to any member of staff by a pupil or a parent may contact our Designated Teacher Mr Evans, our Deputy Designated Teacher Dr Dowling or in their absence the Principal Mr Kelly.



This structure is supported by:


Mr Paul Evans

Vice Principal