If you have an Xbox or PS4 you can still get onto Google Classroom and keep up to speed with your course.

Below, are some easy to follow instructions to help you turn your machine into a Google Classroom access point.

Access Google Classroom with PS4

  • Turn on PS4 system
  • Use your controller to scroll to the far right of the bar with games to Library.
  • Select Library application.
  • Within thin library use the search bar to type in Internet.
  • Select the Internet Browser app.
  • Start Internet Browser and press the triangle button on the controller to search.
  • Once on the internet, type in the search box Google Classroom and select the first link that comes up.
  • Select Go to Classroom, the log in using student email and password.

Below is a link to a video showing these steps.


Access Google Classroom with Xbox

  • Go to the Home Menu.
  • Select My games and apps.
  • Scroll down to Apps.
  • Go to Microsoft Edge application.
  • Type in a search for Google Classroom.
  • Select Go to Classroom.
  • You will need to sign in using student email and password.