Hello from Aquinas Library,

I hope you are all well, keeping safe and busy.

It is a strange time we are living in but if we look back at authors, some of them had the best inspiration while they were in confinement or exile, last but not least, Dante Alighieri, the great Italian poet. Who knows, you might be the next emerging author?

It is normal to be bored too these days! I follow several authors on twitter and a few days ago, even J.K.Rowling said she was bored and could not write so she baked a cake instead!

I would like you to get some inspiration from the National Shelf Service where librarians are daily recommending reads on a You Tube channel. The link is:  https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCPUIqlJM0aieXdq-LxKDvWA
Also, please check the catalogue at https://llc.overdrive.com/ for ebook availability.

If you wish to get more involved with the Aquinas Library, please join my google classroom with code rorx4jj.

Please keep safe, busy and learn new skills. On google classroom I also post some photos of a few skills I’ve been trying during this quarantine.

I also came across this poem:


These days, cities all over the world are so quiet! I read in the newspaper about mummy duck and ducklings in Florence who decided to take a little stroll in town and went to one of the few shops open, the chemist! Maybe our next nursery rhyme will be “little ducks went to the chemist” along with “this little piggy went to the market”, who knows?


miss you all

Mrs Morroi