Hello everyone.

I know this is a very difficult and stressful time for you our students and your parents.

I wish to thank all students who have been engaging in work assigned by your teachers online, via Google Classroom, email. It may seem at times strange to be working while ‘off’ school but we are trying to support each year group with staying engaged with learning, developing independence in your learning and hopefully making sure that everyone is prepared for the next stage of education whenever this pandemic is over.

I hope you and your families are in good health and that you are following our guidance issued through the school website about following routines, supporting your families and making use of contacts when you may be very stressed.

To KS3 students Y8, Y9 and Y10

I have been really please to see your engagement. Teachers are emailing me copies of some brilliant pieces. I hope you find the work interesting. Always try your best. If you don’t have the ICT facilities please don’t worry – keep focussed on doing regular work, do it in written form in exercise books and try and stay in contact with your friends through social media to share ideas. Your teachers love you emailing them – don’t just do the work but tell them how you are getting on.

To Y11 and Y13

Folks, for you it is really important that you continue with the work teachers give you. There will be no modules for you this summer. However, we do know that in the summer of 2021 you will complete GCSE and A2. The exam boards have yet to let us know how they will deal with your year groups but you will have missed a lot of time for your courses. Hence please try where possible to do the work assigned, ask questions of your teachers and stay in contact with each other. Don’t worry if you cannot get things completed by particular dates if there is some reason such as family illness causing you a problem. Use the time you have over holiday periods such as Easter and Summer to try and catch up so that when you return to Aquinas you are in the best position possible to go on into Y12 and Y14. 

To Year 12 and Y14

To these year groups I am really sorry that I have no additional news re GCSE and A level results from the exam boards. I will keep you updated. Please ignore rumours – we all have to wait on the exam boards. However, Year 12 – you will be starting A Level next year, while Y14 will be going to university or into work. Whether it is A level in Aquinas or Social Work at university, lots of material being sent to you will be of real importance on the next stage of your educational journey. You all have worked so hard on your GCSEs and A levels just try and do some work to make sure you are ready. Year 14 keep an eye on your emails from UCAS not to miss any dates and email Mr McAufield or Ms Lambon for any advice if needed.

To all Aquinas students this is a great time to show your parents and guardians that you have the maturity and independence to be the best you can be. Remember mums and dads can help support you but they are also busy and will be worried about the health of your family and that you are completing work at home. Show them that you care for them. Work hard and reduce the worry they have for you.

To Parents, teachers in Aquinas are working very hard online each day to provide the best leaning we can. They are dealing with up to 200 different students across 27 subject areas. They are all connected to their classes through email, online, Google Classroom etc, and are trying to make the learning as interesting, creative and appropriate as possible. Please check that your child is engaging, gently encourage them. If they are stressed there are links to various bodies on the school website.

May I on behalf of the entire Aquinas community wish you good health and assure you we will continue to support our pupils to the very best of our ability in these most challenging of time.

Please stay at home and take care.

Yours sincerely

Barry Kelly