Dear Parent / Guardian

I wish to update you on the coronavirus situation here in Aquinas.

  • We have significantly reduced staffing due to staff having to self-isolate for various reasons; hence we will continue with only Y12, Y13 and Y14 students in attendance.
  • Y8, Y9, Y10 and Y11 students are to remain at home and complete work as assigned and available on the school website over the next few days. Much of this has already been issued last week and will be updated this week.
  • This will continue until we advise otherwise or schools are formally closed.
  • We appreciate that some parents will choose to keep their child at home. This is very understandable in the current situation.
  • We are concentrating on examination classes and the completion of courses, controlled assessments and coursework.
  • Staff will be in school preparing work that will be shared on line. We are aware that some may have difficulty in accessing material online due to lack of quality internet provision and / or devices that they have access to. Some families will have more than one student working from home. Please contact the school by phone and we will endeavour to make material available to you.
  • The guidance from the examination boards is not helpful and we are very aware of the pressure this is putting on the mental health of GCSE and A Level students. We will continue to update on plans as they become clearer.
  • It is very important that your child keeps up a regular routine and tries where possible to treat each day as a school day. Start at 9.30am; complete work; communicate with your teacher; let them know you have tasks completed and ask questions.
  • Parents can contact the school via phone or through the info account: for general queries, but should not use their child’s C2K account to contact staff directly.
  • Please do not contact staff outside school hours – they have their own family responsibilities at this time as well, and their response will not be until the next working day.
  • Please remember that staff may be dealing with coronavirus in their own family so please be patient.

As a school community, we are all anxious about the period ahead but we will try and support all our students in their school work. Please take care of each other.

Kind regards

Barry Kelly