It was  very busy week for the Careers Department in Aquinas with a number of events taking place.

On Tuesday evening, Mr Kelly (Principal) and Mr McAufield (Head of Careers) hosted a presentation given by representatives of Harvard College Outreach Programme. Over 140 pupils, parents and teachers from schools in Belfast and further afield were in attendance. The aim of the presentations was to provide accurate information about the US higher education system in general – using Harvard as an example – so that students are fully aware of the opportunities available to them and can make informed choices.   It was an extremely informative event and was also attended by Mr Aaron Karnell (Consular Chief, US Consulate General Belfast) who is a Cornell graduate.  There was great information such as a timeline for each step of the process and also an insight into the amount of financial aid available to pupils.

The Y13s also attended the UCAS Higher Education event in the Eikon Centre on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by Mr McAufield and Ms Lambon.  There were over 160 further and higher education institutions in attendance from the UK and Ireland giving pupils an opportunity to speak to many representatives about applying to potential universities, open days, fees, bursaries on offer as well as university life in general.