Starting on World Book Day, Aquinas Library has joined the 200 Minutes Reading Challenge.
The 200 Million Minutes Reading Challenge aims to encourage a love of reading and make sure all students, irrespective of their background, challenge or need, are engaging with literacy and lead brighter futures.
All reading counts towards your minutes. You can read anything. paperbacks, magazines, comics, plays, newspapers and e-books are all great. You can read on your own or as part of a group.
Minutes can be entered on the site from 9am on Thursday 5th March until 5pm on Tuesday 2nd April 2020. Any minutes entered after this time will not be counted.
You will be able to keep track of the total minutes you’ve entered on the challenge site or by letting me know. You will also receive certificates when you reach different reading milestones throughout the challenge!
The average will be obtained by dividing the total number of reading minutes entered by each setting on the 200 Million Minutes website by the total number of participating students. The winners of the competition will be the schools, groups, settings, organisations or individuals with the highest average number of reading minutes per student. Anybody from schools, settings, parents, organisations, libraries, businesses and community groups across the world can join as we would like to collectively attempt to read 200 million minutes.
Why should you get involved? Literacy levels are one of the greatest drivers of social inequality. Up to two in five children in disadvantaged communities across the UK have difficulties with literacy. Countless studies show that many of these children will fall behind in their schooling, lack self-confidence and face a future with diminished opportunities. We want to come together to change that!  
What are we doing?  We are dedicating a month to making reading inclusive and celebrating the worlds and possibilities that it can unlock. From Tuesday 5th March 2020, children and young people across the world will have 28 days to collectively read for 200 million minutes. 
Please come and see me for registration.
Mrs Morroi