A really fantastic day was enjoyed by all at our Shakespeare Festival in February. A range of Shakespearean plays were performed in original and entertaining styles. 9F, first of all, gave us an exciting rendition of Macbeth in ‘Macbeth Strikes Back’. This Starwars-themed play utilized a range of multi-media methods, inserting film and graphics into their performance. The music was slick, effective and professional. This was a superb performance!

9P treated us to Hamlet ‘Mafia’ style; a bold, dramatic and action-packed performance, in 1920s costume which gave it a glamorous edge. The choreography of the fight scenes was polished and memorable. However, the opening scene of this play, with its hooded chorus and eerie music sent chills through the audience. What a dramatic performance!

Then came 9J’s glittering and entertaining ‘Twelfth Nightclub’, a disco-take on Twelfth Night, of course. What an eye-watering treat this was! Colour, fun and dancing kept us glued to the stage, not to mention the yellow stockings!

All too soon, it was 9B’s original ‘A Midsummer Night’s Show’. This was performed in the style of, ‘The Greatest Showman’ and was another feast for the eyes. The clever set ideas, magically turned the stage into a circus and the music, dancing and costumes entranced the audience.

A huge thanks to our 6th formers for providing the wonderful musical interludes especially, Lucy McCarroll for her beautiful pieces on the flute. We are always grateful to the Art Department who choose the Best Programme designed by the year 9s for their performance. The lighting team led by Coran Hoy, in year 12, helped to create atmosphere and provided some spectacular special effects.

Sincere thanks to our judge for the day, Ms Pauline McCaul, who gave us really insightful thoughts on the performances and who of course had the difficult task of judging best overall: Use of Music, Choreography, Set, Costume as well as best actor in each performance. A special mention goes to 9F who picked up the coveted ‘Best Overall’ prize.

We are very lucky in Aquinas, to have such a skilled and dedicated set of classroom assistants who immerse themselves in the Shakespeare ‘experience’ and who help to create these wonderful plays along with the students they support. This year these were: Mr Agnew, Ms McMorrow, Mrs Rogers and Mrs Menendez.

Last of all, thanks to our year 9 teachers: Mrs Gervin, Miss Donnelly, Miss McGuigan and Ms Curran who began the Shakespeare journey with our students and especially, Mr Marley, who stepped in for two classes to complete this journey. What a wonderful experience! We are also very lucky to be supported by the whole school from the care-takers, catering staff and other teachers who love the joy, enthusiasm and ‘buzz’ of the students in the run up to our Shakespeare festival.