Day three – Wednesday 17th April

9.00am: Lucy Rafferty – singing

Grade 7 (3)

*9.21am: Laura McWilliams – violin (Mrs Shaw)

9.46am: Angus Brady – trumpet

10.12am: Conall Watson – flute

Grade 8 (5)

10.37am: Christie Kieran – singing 


11.15am: Lucy McCarroll – flute

11.45am: Elena Knowles – singing

12.15pm: Aoibh O’Hare – flute

12.45pm: Niamh MacDermott – singing



Mr Darren Baird will be your accompanist and you will have a rehearsal with him prior to your exam (to be arranged).

The fee for this service will be:

£25 – grades 6-7

£30 – grade 8

If paying by cheque, please pay Mr Baird directly during your rehearsal.