Book Clubs in Aquinas, please join! Together we choose a book, we meet once a month and discuss it. A linked activity follows which can be anything from a quiz to a game.  The book club encourages us to read a book and it is a great opportunity to meet new friends and to indulge our love of books and reading and improve our literacy skills.

AND……..  bring a snacks to share and keep the hunger pangs at bay (nut free)!

If you are interested, please ask and fill in the permission slip (ask at desk).

Thank you

Mrs Morroi


Year 8 Book Club

Wed 19th September

Wed 24th October

Wed 21st November

Wed 19th December

Wed 30th January

Wed 13th March

Wed 1st May

Wed 12th June

Year 9/10 Book Club

Tues 2nd October

Tues 6th November

Tues 11th December

Tues 15th January

Tues 19th February

Tues 19th March

Tues 25th April

Thurs 13thJune

Year 11 and 12 Book Club

Mon 24th September

Mon 22nd October

Mon 26th November

Mon 14th January

Mon 25th February

Mon 25th March

Mon 22nd April

Mon 10th June

Year 13th and 14th Book Clubs available on request