Sportsday highest points scorers; presented by Christian O’Nella


Declan Arkins 12 points 10B

Teresa Mellon 9 points 10F

Ellen McAvoy 9 points 8B

Sportspersons runners up of the year; presented by Chris McGowan

Year 8 Boys Declan McArdle 8F

Year 8 Girls Rachel McDonnell 8F

Year 9 Boys Jack Toner 9B

Year 9 Girls Mercedes Lundy 9F

Sportspersons of the year

Finn Hackett 10P

Lisa Carlin 10B

All-Ireland Linguistics Olympiad winners : presented by Mr leneghan

Tom McAlinden 14J

Killian Spence 13P

Rachel Girvan 13F

Art and Design Year 8 Induction booklet front and back cover design winners Presented by Karen Salmon

Last year’s winner

Eloisa Curran

This year’s winners:

Catherine Gunn 8P Winner

Sam Patterson 8J Second place

Runners up

Ciara Cunningham 8P

Oliver O’Kane 8B

Eve McGibbon 8B

Katie Madden 8P

Holly McGonigle 8J

Aoife McMahon 8J

Outstanding readers certificates Daniela Morroi

Year 8 Presented by JP O’Brien

Octavia Shively Blinn

Margaret McSorley

James daly

Amy Tyson

Connor Lozuet

Kate McWilliams

Year 9 Presented by Shruti Muthu

Kacper Bartosiewics

Enda Gillen

Mercedes Lundy

Leo McBrien

Year 10 Presented by Eoghan Guthrie

Odhran Fitzmaurice

Daniel McGarry

UKMT – Junior Mathematics Challenge 2018. Presented by Miss Mckernan

Sushmitha Ponsailapathy 9F : Gold

Ciaran Delaney 8F : Gold

Aoibhe Lovell 9B : Silver

Lorcan Cooney 8F : Silver

Kacper Bartosiewicz 9P : Silver

Qiwei He 9B : Silver

Kate McWilliams 8B : Silver

Hanna Luter 9B : Silver

Rachel Glover 9B : Bronze

Alexander Carroll 9F : Bronze

Anna Shortt 9P : Bronze

Katherine Robinson : Bronze

Eoin Vaugh 8P : Bronze


House winners 2017/18


Gaelic Football TournamentYear 8 Winners :

8F Down.

Year 9 Winners : 9B Monaghan

Year 10 Winners : 10J Antrim

Netball Tournament

Winners: St Brigids. Presented by Mrs McCool


Individual House system winners

Year 8 winner : Holly Horwood 8. Presented by Orla Harney

Year 9 winner : Aoibhe Lovell 9B. Presented by Cillian Spence

Year 10 winner : Shayna Velasquez. Presented by Mr Brophy


Overall winner : Maria Bergin 8P. Presented by Mr kelly

House winner 2017/18 Presented by Mr Kelly

St Francis 3764

St John Paul 4495

St Patrick 5315

St Brigid 6314