Every year, Aquinas’ English department marks a special day in children’s literature – Roald Dahl Day, celebrated 13th September, on the great writer’s birthday. And this year was no exception!

It all started in assembly  when Mrs McCrossan opened the day by reading out an extract from ‘the Twits.’Our new Year 8 pupils enjoyed carrying out the ‘Which Roald Dahl Hero are You?’ quiz in English; using a code to work out their Roald Dahl character name and  debating on  their favourite Dahl book and characters.

Later in the  afternoon, the Year 8 pupils, TLA’s,  Librarian  and English teachers congregated in the school library to enjoy the Puffin Live link to see and hear about Dahl’s career in the RAF,  see inside the hut at the back of his garden wherein he did his writing and the inventions into which Dahl  poured his creative energies. We also had the opportunity to draw along with famous illustrationist, Quentin Blake, and hear about the new publication  of the old Dahl novel, ‘Billy and the Minpins’ – revamped with trademark graphics  from Quentin Blake himself.’

We rounded the Roald Dahl day off with a quick photoshoot of our Year 8 pupils with their own copies of Roald Dahl classics.

Well done all!