This year’s Shakespeare Festival took place Friday, 27th January, in the school Assembly Hall.

The adjudicator for the festival was Mrs Helen Ewart who is no stranger to Aquinas through our link with Queen’s University Education faculty.

As usual, M Kelly opened the festival to high levels of excitement , and some nerves, before 9B took the stage with their gangland version of ‘Macbeth.’

Next came 9F’s  Strictly Come Dancing inspired version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

The adjudication of the Year Programmes provided an interlude to the performances, but after lunch and hasty costumes changes we were all back to the hall for 2 of Shakespeare’s great comedies: ‘As you Like it’ with a focus on culture clash by 9J,and a very 80’s flavoured ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream from 9P which concluded the performances on a high note.

There was baited breath while actors, classes and English teachers awaited the adjudication of the awards for  Use of Music, Choreography, Setting, Costume, and the much coveted ‘Best Original Interpretation.’ Congratulations to all participants who worked tirelessly to bring their class’ production to the stage and well done winners of  awards!