Mark and Conor Doherty are the kings of duathlon as they took first and second place respectively in the A2 Sports Science event in Aquinas on Wednesday. Eoghan McMenamin finished in third place.

The duathlon involved 10 minutes run, followed by 10 minutes on the bike and another 10 minute run to finish. Mark and Conor were in the same wave and were neck and neck with Mark, just taking victory with more metres on the spin bikes (supplied Paul Murphy from BFIT Belfast).

Glenn Grant from Championship provided all the distances for the run legs and his advice and expertise in such events was greatly appreciated over the last three months.

The atmosphere in the school was electric as the running leg took the participants through the mall with the cycling taking place amid all the support and great music reverberating throughout the entire school

A fantastic event organised by the A2 Sports Science PE class. Well done to everyone involved.



Doherty 11122
Conor Doherty 11100
Eoghan McMenamin 11065
Eoin McKernan 10847
Fergal O’Kane 10808
Lorcan Sheridan 10645
James Gracey 10550
Eamon Swail 10408
Lughan O’Hare 10382
Noel McGuigan 10265
Joshua Cullen 10112
Conor McKeever 10093
Rory Kennedy 9980
Phelim Lennon 9956
Oisin Cahalane 9953
Daniel Connor 9873
Ryan Rea 9736
Eoin Nagle 9406
Ruairi McMahon 9390
Luke Maher 9290
Ben Doherty 9275
Donal Cullen 8720
Ryan McCarthy 7535
Tiernan Quinnn 7395
Conor Morrison 6858
Euan Neeson 6263