As part of their Careers Education Programme and link with Business Studies, all Year 9 pupils are attending the Coca Cola Visitors Experience and Aunt Sandras Sweet factory this week.

The visit to Coca Cola included an informative short film in the Heritage Theatre, showcasing the remarkable 125 year history of Coca-Cola as well as an extensive guided gallery tour of the main production facility to experience a ‘bird’s eye view’ of how the products are made, bottled, packaged and stored.

Pupils also had the opportunity to explore the world of Coca-Cola in an exciting and educational way in their interactive centre, learning about the wide range of beverages are produced, how it minimises their environmental impacts, their involvement in the local community as well as career and development opportunities on offer.

In the afternoon, pupils the attended Aunt Sandras Candy factory on the Castlereagh Road where, after the introduction from the larger than life host, plus a little bit of fun, pupils were told the history of how Aunt Sandra’s was started way back in 1953 .

Pupils got to see sweets before their eyes, getting a chance to take in the smells, colours and shapes of old time, handmade candy making as it was in the old days before a short quiz where some lucky pupils (and teachers) got to take back to school what was made.