As part of their Careers Education Programme, all Year 8 pupils visited the Titanic Experience at Queens Quay on Friday 17th June.


The visit included an ‘Abandon Ship Workshop’ and ‘The Galleries’.

An exercise in thinking outside the box, Abandon Ship uses actual life rafts supplied by Survitec Ltd.   The workshop focused on developing pupils transferable skills in communication, problem-solving and decision-making.
Based around the scenario of being the crew of 3 yachts which collide with an iceberg, students must abandon ship into the life rafts. When ‘onboard’, each pupil must consider, both individually and as a group, how each of 15 items provided could be used in their situation.

Pupils also had the chance to view and engage with the nine Galleries at Titanic Belfast and the slipways. The information in these galleries told them of the growth of Belfast, the story of Titanic as well as allowing them to avail of a variety of interactive activities.