Seventeen 6th Form French students headed off to Lille on 11th March to take part in this year’s French exchange trip, accompanied by Mrs O’Neill, Nathalie Wilson and Mr Dempsey. Students were hosted by French families and they quickly settled in to the French way of life. We got a real experience of the French school system when we attended classes in the Lycée and dined in the school cantine. Délicieux! Excursions included a day trip to Bruges just over the border in Belgium, where students feasted on the famous Belgian chocolates and waffles. A day was spent discovering the beautiful city of Lille where students engaged in a task that required them to strike up conversations with the locals. Fun was had by all, new anglo/franco friendships were formed and most importantly everyone, especially Mr Dempsy, improved their French. A wonderful experience for all those who took part.