On the 13th of January 2016, Aquinas Grammar booked through Prime Agency a new up and coming Irish Boy band called Taken.  They proved to be a massive hit with Aquinas pupils not only for the excellent performing of their songs but also for the message they so eloquently delivered regarding on-line safety and cyber-bullying.  The boys’ message was as follows, as was posted by Prime Agency who promotes them:


“Taken will give advice on how to stay safe online (never giving out personal information, never meeting strangers online, safety on social network sites, following rules of your parents on the internet etc) as well as discussing cyber bullying and where to go for help. They will also discuss personal stories ie a time one of them was affected by cyber bullying, how they felt at the time, how they reacted, and the outcome of the situation. The talk is very interactive and gets the pupils involved.”

Aquinas Grammar is very thankful to the band and Prime Agency in helping address the issues of on-line safety and cyber bullying.  This seems to have been an innovative and effective way of sending out the right messages regarding these issues.