Three Aquinas pupils who lead the fundraising committee, took part in a focus group at the Trocaire office.  Katherine Davies, Conall Hartley and Niamh O’Hara helped to prepare information on the new Lenten campaign for 2016.  The focus of the new campaign will be on “Join the Fight”, which is about climate change in the world. During Lent 2016, people will be encouraged to examine the issue of climate change. The focus on climate change is a part of a three year plan by Trocaire and climate change has a significant impact in developing countries. Katherine, Conall and Niamh encouraged pupils from  other schools to take an active part in the campaign and they provided many ideas and examples that Aquinas have used in previous years.  Using the information from the our fundraisers  have already started  to arrange the Trocaire campaign which starts in February. Will you join the fight?