Kev F Sutherland is a Scottish comedian and comic book artist who has drawn comics for The Beano, Marvel, Doctor Who Adventures and recently Dandy. He goes to schools all over the world hosting comic art masterclasses.

On the 15th October 2015 Mrs Cullen, our librarian, booked him to come to Aquinas to host one of his masterclasses. He took 30 people and turned their stories into a comic full of action!

We agreed on the name:


He then asked us to choose a celebrity. We chose Kim Jung Un and he made quite an enjoyable comic about him stepping on a worm which made the majority of us laugh. We finally began drawing our own comic. Some of us didn’t finish but the ones that were completed were awesome! Examples are – “Satan and the Big Mac” , “Destructor: Queen of Dreams and Midnight” , “David” ,” Fruit Slaya” and “Pineapples vs Ikea” to name a few. While we were doing that we were called up one by one for a caricature of ourselves which took Kev maybe a minute or two to finish and even though he did them so quickly, they really did look a lot like all of us! The next day we were given our portraits back and our own version of the comic which ended the visit. It was definitely worth going to!

By Ellen Murdock 9P

Jack McWilliams 8P

Matthew McWilliams 8P




Kev F caricatures

Comic 2015 Kev F’s masterclass