Yr8 Science revision list

Laboratory rules and safety

Lab equipment – names and be able to draw scientific diagrams

Using the bunsen burner

Living and non living things.  Cells Organ systems

The microscope

The particle model, changing state, diffusion and gas pressure

Energy stores, heat, transfers and power



Year 9 Science Revision list

Laboratory rules and safety

Breathing, gas exchange, the heart and circulation

The periodic table, groups and periods.  Mendeleev.

Waves, sound, speed of sound, echoes,

Respiration, exercise.


Year 10 revision list

Topic 1

Ecology- Habiatat study, sampling adaptations, feeding relationships, food chains and food webs, Pyramid of numbers

Topic 2

Kinetic Theory- changes of state, cooling curve, dissolving, solubility, diffusion, states of matter

Topic 3

Forces – measuring  forces , weight and mass, friction , balanced and unbalanced forces, calculating speed from distance and time.