IN a very well argued, closely fought whole school debate this afternoon our students voted 50% in favour of allowing more refugees and migrants in to the country. 34% of those present felt this should not be the case, with the remainder abstaining.

The debate was of extremely high quality and it was standing room only in s23 as the two teams exchanged points of view. The content and delivery from the four speakers, Eve Maguire, Nicola Brown, David O’Hare and Ruairi Cormican (all of year 13) was as good as anything yet presented in our school debates series.

Thank you very much to the speakers and for all those who attended and contributed from the floor.

The next whole school debate will take place on Thursday 22nd October, 2015 in S23 at 3.30pm. The topic is on Gun Control in the USA and the motion, along with speakers, will be posted around the school shortly.

J McGrath