Harvard College will be visiting Northern Ireland this fall in order to meet with students, parents, teachers and school administrators who are interested in learning about our institution. We have arranged to hold an information session to which your students and their parents are invited:

7:30 pm Tuesday 29th September 2015

Whitla Hall, Methodist College, Belfast, BT9 6BY

information session for students, parents, and administrators

Harvard is fortunate to have a generous financial aid program which should eliminate financial barriers to attendance, and we are very interested in increasing the representation of UK students from the all educational sector in our community. We hope that you and/or some of your students might be interested in attending such a meeting and that you will pass along this invitation to them.

The purpose of the meeting is to tell students and other interested parties a bit about Harvard, our undergraduate liberal arts programs, admissions criteria, qualities we seek in candidates, and also in general about opportunities for higher education in the U.S. Most high school students outside of the US do not have much information about the US education system and college application process, so we hope to be a source of information at this meeting. After covering such topics, there will be time to take any questions the audience may have about Harvard’s admissions and financial aid programs or about U.S. colleges in general.

Our goal is to find the very best students, from the U.S. and abroad, in the dual hope of educating the future leaders and intellectuals of the world, and also of exposing our American students to the most diverse opinions and experiences possible. While our admissions process is very competitive, we are always looking for excellent students, especially from backgrounds or countries that are a bit unusual for us. In addition, we are in the fortunate position of being able to admit students (even international students) without regard to their level of financial need, and can offer sufficient financial aid to enable all admitted students to attend.

If you have a few moments, you may wish to visit our website: https://college.harvard.edu/admissions

The site includes links to our course catalogs for undergraduates, the daily student newspapers, blogs and photos by current students, as well as downloadable copies of our application booklets and other forms. There is also a website written specifically for UK applicants to Harvard: www.harvard-ukadmissions.co.uk .