Year 9 students take part in a Cinemagic Culture Heritage Project, working in collaboration with students from Wellington College.

Twenty year nine students from and Aquinas Grammar school teamed up with students from Wellington College on a  Cinemagic Cultural Heritage documentary film project. All students will be working in collaboration over the next 6 weeks. This exciting project will involve two full day sessions and two half-day sessions across both school sites. The participating students will get the opportunity to complete workshops in film making and storytelling with local film director Patrick Maxwell and storyteller Stephen Hall. Each session will also be supported by Northern Ireland Screen’s Digital Film Archive and the Ulster Museum education team.

All participating students will be encouraged to collect interesting stories from their older family and community members. We are particularly interested in stories on the topics surrounding WW2, the Troubles, Technological Change, Hobbies/Interests, Job prospects and Changes in Community Cohesion. The intended outcome will be a short documentary film that will be showcased in the summer term at both Botanic Gardens and Belfast Castle.

Students are pictured below with local storyteller and cultural heritage specialist Stephen Hall at the first of four events.