The year 13 English Literature students with their teachers, Ms MCCaul and Mrs Loughrey, enjoyed a night out at Youth Lyric’s production of The Great Gatsby.


Review by Garbhan Moriarty.

The Youth Lyric’s performance of The Great Gatsby Musical really captured the glamour, glitz and excess of America in the 1920s. True to the novel, except for some prolonged, energetic and well-choreographed dance scenes, the performance showed the genuine talent of the large and varied cast. Aquinas student members of the youth Lyric shone out, in particular through Eimear Lacey who showed flair in her leading role as Myrtle Wilson. Aoife Maguire and Katie Lacey shared the role of Myrtle’s sister, Catherine, with excellent ability. It was surprising to learn that there was originally only meant to be one actor in this role, as they executed their roles with fluidity and brought originality to the performance. Meabh Devlin, another pupil of Aquinas, brought great energy and positivity to the party scenes through her role as a dancer.

Overall, a very fun and well directed musical.