Aquinas Year 10 students win “Most Creative Film in Post Primary” in the CultureTECH ‘Big Video Challenge 2015’ Sponsored by Seagate and Belfast City Council

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The Big Video Challenge is a creative educational competition for young people, designed to help them develop creative and digital media skills whilst engaging with core subjects in new ways. In simple terms, young people make short videos related to their curriculum, the best win prizes and all the videos become a fantastic peer-to-peer learning resource for the next crop of young people.

Codes, ciphers and code breaking have been around for thousands of years and are at the heart of everything from language to computer communications. Companies like Seagate use codes every day and people with the mathematics and science skills to work with codes (also known as cryptography) are in high demand.

For this challenge, Aquinas students worked in small groups to investigate how codes are made (and broken) and how they can create their own codes. They also research how codes are used in the technology industries and companies like Seagate. Based on their research, they created their own secret code and script, film and edited a short video of less than 5 minutes in length that puts their codes and research to the test.

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These Videos demonstrated:

1. How the group’s code has been created!

2. Knowledge of how codes are used in modern technology!

We are very proud to announce that two groups were shortlisted for an award. The Short Animation “Do you want to build a website” was awarded “Most Creative Film in Post Primary” and was presented their well-deserved trophy from Lord Mayor of Belfast and representatives from Seagate. The award ceremony was held at the Odyssey Cinemas and was presented by Sara Travers from UTV